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Sun, 3-09-2023


The International Windmillrally will be organised under auspices of the national club for veteran motorcycles.

Owners and riders of motorcycles and three-wheelers who meet these regulations,are able to participate in this rally.

The Windmillrally will be held over 2 days. The route on each day has to be at least 100 Km and should have one break minimal.
The participant has to point out the average speed. We recommend a free choice of 24,30 or 36 Km/ph average speed.
All competitors must present their motorcycles with cold and stationary engines at the start.
All machines of riders of the 'A'- and 'B'-teams have to stay at least 12 hours in a parc fermé before the start on the second day.


    Class A: Machines manufactured before 31-12-1914
    Class B: Machines manufactured between 01-01-1915 and 31-12-1924
    Class C: Machines manufactured between 01-01-1925 and 31-12-1930
    Class D: Machines manufactured between 01-01-1931 and 31-12-1940
A technical commission shall decide any case of doubtfull classification.

For each run the organisation has to inform the competitors in time and preferably in writing which route description will be used.
The following route marks are recommended:

    Square red plate = Turn Left,
    Triangular red plate = Straight On,
    Round red plate = Turn Right.
The dimension of the marks have to be minimal 12 cm. The marks must be placed on the right side of the road on a clear spot and if possible 10 meters before a crossroad.

The organisation must mention before the start of the event what the colour of the flags is,which will be used by the checkpoints. There must be a difference between time-checkpoints and route-checkpoints by using different colours of flags. A minimum of 5 time-checkpoints is advisable.

Riders and machines must meet all legal requirements. Riders and machines must be insured against third party risks during the rally. Riders must also carry a valid driving license. Crash helmets are compulsory.
Before the start of the rally there must be a scrutineering and the safety of the motorcycles has to be checked. Especially the wheels and brakes will be inspected.
Machines may not be changed during the rally.
Speed- and odometers are not allowed. Where fitted they shall be optically sealed (masked) at the scrutineering. Electronic measuring equipment or parts are strictly forbidden.

Each competing nation should present a 'A'-team, competing for the 'Windmill-Trophy' and eventually a 'B'-team, competing for a national memorial cup.
The members of the 'A'-team and 'B'-team should be nominated by their national club.
'A'-teams should consist of 6 riders and 1 reserve, with the follwing machines:

  • 2 machines manufactured before 31-12-1914,
  • 2 machines manufactured before 31-12-1924 and
  • 2 machines manufactured before 31-12-1930.
The machine of the reserve should be manufactured before 31-12-1930.
If a nation wants to compete with an 'A'-team that doesn't require with the years of manufac¬ture, a number of extra penalty points will be given to that team (see Penalty Points).

'B'-teams should consist of 4 riders and 2 reserves and the machines should be manufactured before 31-12-1940.

Additional teams may be presented: Ladies, Club, Make. These teams should consist of 3 drivers and 1 reserve. The machines in these teams must be manufactured before 31-12-1940.
Riders may compete for several teams, but only for 1 National, 1 Ladies, 1 Make and 1 Club. For each team 1 rider must report him- or herself as teamcaptain.

These will be given as follows:

Each beginning minute counts full. The moment handing over the checkcard counts. Each section is separately timed: lost/gained time in one section can not be compensated in the next.

For the 'A'-teams: the result of the six best competitors counts. If only 5 riders finish in one or more 'A'-teams then the best 5 in each team counts.
For the 'B'-teams: The result of the four best competitors counts.
For the Ladies-, Make- and Clubteams: the result of the 3 best riders counts.
In case of ties: Firstly the maximum total years of the machines shall be considered and secondly the maximum total years of the riders.
* for each year or part of year a machine deviates from the manufacture-requirements (only for 'A'-teams) 1 point
* for each minute to early or to late at a time-check 1 point
* machine not in time in the parc fermé 10 points
* machine with warm engine at the start 10 points
* engine not started within 1 minute after the starting signal, by kicking or pushing 10 points
* for stopping in sight of a time-check 30 points
* for approaching a check-point from the wrong direction 30 points
* for missing a route- or a time-check 30 points
* by the organisation established traffic delicts 50 points

The WINDMILL-TROPHY: A National team price presented by the V.M.C. with seven repli¬ca's presented by the organiser for the riders of the winning 'A'-team. The Windmill Trophy is a perpetual exchange-trophy of the V.M.C., who maintain the ownership of it.
The country that wins the Windmill-Trophy organizes and hosts the next Windmillrally in accordance with these regulations. The Windmillrally must be organised within 2 years after the year of the last Windmillrally, but not in the same calender year. In case the date of the next Windmillrally is not within 360 days after the last Windmillrally announced, the V.M.C. obtains the right to award the rally to another country.
The organisation can be given to another country in consult with the V.M.C..
To maintain a roulation, it is not allowed to organize two successive Windmillrally's in one country.

A NATIONAL MEMORIAL CUP: A National team prize presented by the organising coun¬try, with six replica's presented by the organiser for the riders of the winning 'B'-team. This Natio¬nal Memorial Cup can be an exchange trophy.

Eventual protest concerning the rally must reach the organisation in writing form within half an hour after the concerned competiter is finished. Protest concerning the points calculation must reach the organization within 15 minutes after the presentation of the check-card.
Simultaneously with the protest the competitor has to pay Euro 20,00 (or an equivalent amount in national monetary unit). This amount will be refunded when the protest is awarded. The judgement will be done by a special dispute committee, concerning the captains of the 'A'-teams, completed with a member of the organization.

Adjustments or restrictions of this regulation are only allowed after written confirmation of the secretary of the V.M.C..

The Dutch version of this regulation is binding.

International Windmill Rally: